Lessons & Pricing

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two men standing next to each other shooting a shotgun

Lessons always start with shotgun safety.  Once we are comfortable with the safety policies and range etiquette, we will discuss the importance of stance and body position.  Demonstrations will be  given on proper foot placement and easy to remember catch phrases will be given to the student make it easy to remember how to stand.

I will check your eye dominance in case you are uncertain and talk about the importance of shooting from the same side as your dominant eye.  Right eye dominant shooters should shoot off the right shoulder, left eye dominant shooters off the left…

A lot of time will be spent on “focusing on the target”.   Lack of focus on the target is the primary reason most targets are missed.  You will learn about the importance of committing to a “break point” and where to hold the gun (hold point) that gives you the best opportunity to break the target at the predetermined break point.  Developing the appropriate gun speed to get ahead of the target is a part of this discussion.  Not having gun speed that matches the speed of the target is second most common reason that targets are missed.  

We will do a quick gun fit and discuss its importance.  Gun mount will also be discussed and instruction given on how to develop a consistent gun mount.  A bad gun fit or inconsistent gun mount is the third most common reason a target is missed.

The different sizes and names of targets will be demonstrated and techniques on breaking each will be a part of the shooting instruction.

Private Lessons are generally given to one person at a time, or occasionally a husband/wife, father/son…you and another family member.   

Group lessons are for three or more shooters.  Keep in mind that in a group environment, you receive less individual attention as the instructor/coach’s time is spread amongst all the shooters. Rates are $75/hour/shooter at Silverleaf Shotgun sports. There is a 2hr minimum. 

I offer a 3 hour lesson for $150/person to beginning shooters to help them learn the  basics at minimal expense. If you take a beginning lesson from me, then I continue to honor the 3 hour rate for all subsequent lessons.  If you are a family team of two, the initial 3 hour lesson is $275.

If you have a group…you and two to four friends (maximum of 5 in a group) the rates for a 3 hour session are as follows:

3 shooters…$375 or $125 each

4 or 5 shooters…$500 flat rate

Corporate, civic or church events are charged at a flat rate of $500 for a half day (3 hours) or $750 for a full day (6 hours).  During these events, I am happy to conduct the initial safety meeting if the range officer isn’t available or defers to me.  I will make sure every one has the appropriate safety gear and shotgun shells. Once the event commences, I roam the course giving help and instruction as needed.  Safety is ALWAYS my top priority.  

Shells and targets are at the expense of the shooter.

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